The Ninja RPG: Leveling Up Your Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu Stats!

Perfecting your stats in the Ninja RPG are a must, and not always easy. Each time you level up a specific offense or defense you will gain extra Chakra or Stamina, if you level up Genjutsu or Ninjutsu then you’ll add extra amounts of Chakra to your pool, if you level up Taijutsu you’ll add stamina, and Weapon will add to both. So that being said, how do you effectively level up any one specific strength or defense?
You only want to have one offensive focus, this is very important. Whatever you choose as your offensive focus, you’ll have to make up for the gain to that particular pool by leveling up your defenses. For example, lets say you want to become a Taijutsu master. That’s great, but you’ll have to work hard to make sure your Chakra stays up to par so you can use specific jutsu relating to your Tai attacks. This means you’ll have to really level up your Gen and Ninjutsu defensive skills. So by working on leveling up a Taijutsu offense, and leveling up a Genjutsu and Ninjutsu defense you’ll keep your pool balanced.

The same is true if you choose a Chakra bases attribute like Genjutsu or Ninjutsu as your primary offense. If this is the case you’ll need to focus more on leveling up your Taijutsu defense to compensate for the lack in Stamina gain. This can prove a bit difficult because where there are two Charkra building skills, there is only one Stamina building skill, and thus making it harder to maintain even pools.

No matter what you do you’ll end up getting your Chakra and Stamina out of balance one way or another, and that’s okay, but you’ll need to compensate. This is where Weapon defense comes into play. A lot of ninja in the Ninja RPG have chosen to become Weapon Masters. There are a lot of advantages to this path, but that’s beside the point, you need to be ready to face them by having a very high Weapon Defense.

By leveling your weapon defense you’ll evenly split your stamina and chakra gain between the two pools. This will ensure an overall gain no matter what specific skill you’re looking to improve upon. This is also very effective because Weapon attacks care every powerful and those who are Weapon Masters will have an abundance of strength. That’s why it’s always a really good idea to keep your weapon defense above all other defenses.

Remember to use all your Chakra and Stamina as often as possible because the more you use it the more you gain overall. Using Chakra and Stamina will also gain you much needed experience that will allow you to advance levels quickly. A ninja in this game will be most effective when he or she is able to go for a prolonged period of time, like around 8 hours, and not have replenished their Stamina and Chakra pools. This is because you would level up your stats, go to sleep, work, or school and then come home and then level up again without any wasted time.

One last tip as to leveling up stats is to buy a house as soon as possible. The Large home is a good idea because it’s not terribly expensive, and adds +10 to your regeneration. This is so important to getting your ninjas stats back to full quickly. So with a good home, and large pools of both Chakra and Stamina you should have no problem leveling up your stats and be yet another step closer to your ultimate goal, wither it be Hokage, or worlds most feared Outlaw!