Diablo 2 Resurrected Prefixes


Prefixes are what occur before an item name, and there’s only one per Magical item. Similar to Suffixes and Modifiers, Prefixes also have a set of Mods that they can and cannot occur with. Same as in Diablo, the quality Mods are found on the same item. However, the added complication is that Rare, Unique, and D2R Item Sets list their Mods by effect, and they can likewise mix and match Prefixes, Suffixes, and Mods freely. Thus, making it difficult to figure out what is giving the item its property.

Rare items can have up to three Prefixes, but only one from each of the Prefix family. Magical items can have either one or none, and they have a 50% chance of being a Suffix and a 25% chance of being a Prefix, followed by a 25% chance of being both.

Important Information

No Prefix occurs with the others of the same family with respect to ‘Rare’ items. For instance, if you have +%Defense on an armor piece, you would either obtain Strong, Glorious, Holy, Sturdy, Blessed, or Saintly, but never more than one of the same.

The I-Level (Item Level) is usually equal to the max possible A-Level (Affix Level). For instance, if a sword has dropped by an M-Level (Monster Level) 50 beast would have an I-Level of 50, and the highest Affix on it would be of A-Level 50. In terms of C-Level, the requirement is 3/4th the highest A-Level on an item. So, if a Rare item with four Modifiers, I-Level 8, 22, 30, and 70 would require a C-level of 52 to equip.

The Item Types in Diablo 2 Resurrected are; Armor (Body Armors and Helms), Helms (Animal Pelts and Primal Helms, but no Circlets), Weapons (Every Damage-Inflicting item except Orbs, Staves, Bows, Scepters, and Wands that are classified as their own Item Type), Bows (Bows and Crossbows), and Shields (Shrunken Heads and Auric Shields).

Points to Attack Rating

Bronze offers +10-20, Iron offers +21-40, Steel offers +41-60, Silver offers +61-80, Gold offers +81-100, Platinum offers +101-120, Meteoric offers +121-150, Strange offers +151-300, and ‘Weird’ offers +301-450.

points to Attack Rating (based on character level)
Hawkeye offers +6 per character level.

points to Attack Rating / Maximum Damage (based on character level)
Fool’s offers + 16.5 to Attack Rating and + 0.5 to Maximum Damage per character level, Grinding offers + 0.75 to Maximum Damage per character level.
+% to Attack Rating (based on character level)
Visionary offers +1% attack rating per character level.

% to Damage (or +1 to Maximum Damage)
Jagged offers +10-20% (or +1 to Maximum Damage), Deadly offers +21-30% (or +1 to Maximum Damage), Vicious offers +31-40%, Brutal offers +41-50%, Massive offers +51-65%, Savage offers +66-80%, Merciless offers +81-100%, Ferocious offers +101-200%, and Cruel offer +201-300%.

Points to Attack Rating and + % to Damage (or +1 to Maximum Damage)

Sharp offers +10-20 AR +10-20% Dam (or +1 to Maximum Damage), Fine offers +21-40 AR +21-30% Dam, Warrior’s offers +41-60 AR +31-40% Dam, Soldier’s offers +61-80 AR +41-50% Dam, Knight’s offers +81-100 AR +51-65% Dam, Lord’s offers +101-120 AR +66-80% Dam, King’s offers +121-150 AR +81-100% Dam, Master’s offers +151-250 AR +101-150% Dam, and Grandmaster’s offers +251-300 AR +151-200% Dam.

Attack Rating and Damage vs Demons
Lunar offers +25-50 Attack Rating vs. Demons, +10-25% Damage vs. Demons, Arcadian offers +51-100 Attack Rating vs. Demons, +26-50% Damage vs. Demons, Unearthly offers +101-150 Attack Rating vs. Demons, +51-100% Damage vs. Demons, Astral offers +151-200 to Attack Rating vs. Demons, +101-150% Damage vs. Demons, Elysian offers +201-300 Attack Rating vs. Demons, +151-200% Damage vs. Demons, and Celestial offers +300-400 to Attack Rating vs. Demons, +201-300% Damage vs. Demons.

Attack Rating and Damage vs. Undead
Consecrated offers +25-75 Attack Rating vs. Undead, +25-75% Damage vs. Undead, Pure offers +76-175 to Attack Rating vs. Undead for diablo 2 resurrected prefixes, +76-125% Damage vs. Undead, Sacred offers +175-250 to Attack Rating vs. Undead, +126-200% Damage vs. Undead, Hallowed offers +251-325 to Attack Rating vs. Undead, +201-275% Damage vs. Undead, and Divine offers +326-450 to Attack Rating vs. Undead, +276-350% Damage vs. Undead.

Cold Damage
Snowy offers +6-9 min to 19-30 max cold damage 1 second duration, Shivering offers +10-15 min to 31-45 max cold damage 2 second duration, Boreal offers +16-23 min to 46-90 max cold damage 3 second duration, and Hibernal offers +25-45 min to 91-140 max cold damage 4 second duration.

Fire Damage
Fiery offers +16-25 min and 31-60 max fire dmg, Smoldering offers +26-50 min and 61-90 max fire dmg, Smoking offers +51-80 min and 91-130 max fire dmg, Flaming offers +81-120 min and 131-180 max fire dmg, and Condensing offers +121-170 min and 181-240 max fire dmg, for diablo 2 resurrected prefixes.

Lightning Damage

Static offers +1 min and 49-120 max lightning damage, Glowing offers +1 min and 121-180 max lightning damage, Buzzing offers +1 min and 181-260 max lightning damage, Arcing offers +1 min and 261-360 max lightning damage, and Shocking offers +1 min and 361-480 max lightning damage.

Poison Damage
Septic offers +6 Poison Damage over 2 seconds, Foul offers +12 Poison Damage over 3 seconds, Corrosive offers +80 Poison Damage over 4 seconds, Toxic offers +150 Poison Damage over 5 seconds, and Pestilent offers +275 Poison Damage over 6 seconds.

% to Defense
Sturdy 10-30%, Strong offers 31-40%, Glorious offers 41-50%, Blessed offers 51-65%, Saintly offers 66-80%, Holy offers 81-100%, and Godly offers 101-200%, for diablo 2 suffixes.

points to Defense (based on character level)
Faithful offers + 0.5 Defense per character level.
% Damage taken goes to Mana
Vulpine offers 7-12% Damage Taken, which goes to Mana.

points to Mana after each kill
Triumphant offers 1, and Victorious offers 2-5.

points to Mana

Lizard’s offers 3-5, Snakes offers 5-10, Serpent’s offers 11-20, Drake’s offers 21-30, Dragon’s offers 31-40, Wyrm’s offers 41-60, Great Wyrm’s offers 61-90, and Bahamut’s offers 91-120.

Mana (based on character level)
Mnemonic offers +0.75 Mana Per Character Level.
Magic Damage Reduced by
Devious offers 1, and ‘Fortified’ offers 2 Magic Damage Reduction stats.

points to Maximum Stamina
Rugged offers 5-20, and Vigorous offers 21-30 Points to Maximum Stamina.

% to Stamina Regeneration
Tireless offers 50% stamina regeneration.

% to Resist Fire
Crimson offers 5-10%, Russet offers 11-20%, Garnet offers 21-30%, and Ruby offers 31-40%.

% to Resist Cold
Azure offers 5-10%, Lapis offers 11-20%, Cobalt offers 21-30%, and Sapphire offers 31-40%

% to Resist Lightning
Tangerine offers 5-10%, Ocher offers 11-20%, Coral offers 21-30%, and Amber offers 31-40%

% to Resist Poison
Beryl offers 5-10%, Viridian offers 11-20%, Jade offers 21-30%, and Emerald offers 31-40%

% to Resist All
Simmering offers 3-7%, Rainbow offers 8-11%, Scintillating offers 12-15%, Prismatic offers 16-20%, and Chromatic offers 21-30%

points to Skill Levels

Maiden’s offers +1 Amazon, Valkyrie’s offers +2 Amazon, Magekillers’ offers +1 Assassin, Witch-hunter’s offers +2 Assassin, Slayer’s offers +1 Barbarian, Berserker’s offers +2 Barbarian, Shamans’ offers +1 Druid, Hierophants’ offers +2 Druid, Monk’s offers +1 Paladin, Priest’s offers +2 Paladin, Summoner’s offers +1 Necromancer, Necromancer’s offers +2 Necromancer, Angel’s offers +1 Sorceress, and Arch-Angel’s offers +2 Sorceress, for diablo 2 suffixes.

points to Amazon Skill Trees
Fletcher’s offers +1 Bow and Crossbow Skills, Bowyer’s offers +2 Bow and Crossbow Skills, Archer’s offers +3 Bow and Crossbow Skills, Acrobatic offers +1 Passive Skills, Gymnastic offers +2 Passive Skills, Athletic offers +3 Passive Skills, Harpoonist’s offers +1 Javelin and Spear Skills, Spearmaiden’s offers +2 Javelin and Spear Skills, and Lancer’s offers +3 Javelin and Spear Skills.

points to Assassin Skill Trees
Entrapping offers +1 Traps, Trickster’s offers +2 Traps, Cunning offers +3 Traps, Mentalist’s offers +1 Shadow Disciplines, Psychic offers +2 Shadow Disciplines, Shadow offers +3 Shadow Disciplines, Shogukusha’s offers +1 Martial Arts, Sensei’s offers +2 Martial Arts, and Kenshi’s offers +3 Martial Arts, for diablo 2 prefixes and suffixes.

points to Barbarian Skill Trees
Expert’s offers +1 Combat Skills, Veteran’s offers +2 Combat Skills, Master’s offers +3 Combat Skills, Fanatic offers +1 Combat Masteries, Raging offers +2 Combat Masteries, Furious offers +3 Combat Masteries, Sounding offers +1 Warcries, Resonant offers +2 Warcries, and Echoing offers +3 Warcries.

points to Druid Skill Trees
Trainer’s offers +1 Summoning Skills, Caretaker’s offers +2 Summoning Skills, Keeper’s offers +3 Summoning Skills, Spiritual offers +1 Shape Shifting Skills, Feral offers +2 Shape Shifting Skills, Communal offers +3 Shape Shifting Skills, Natural offers +1 Elemental Skills, Terrene offers +2 Elemental Skills, and Gaean offers +3 Elemental Skills.

points to Necromancer Skill Trees
Hexing offers +1 to Curses, Blighting offers +2 to Curses, Cursing offers 3 to Curses, Fungal offers +1 to Poison and Bone Spells, Noxious offers +2 to Poison and Bone Spells, Venomous* offers +3 to Poison and Bone Spells, Graverobber’s offers +1 to Summoning Spells, Mojo offers +2 to Summoning Spells, and Golemlord’s offers +3 to Summoning Spells.

points to Paladin Skill Trees

Lion Branded offers +1 Combat Skills, Hawk Branded offers +2 Combat Skills, Rose Branded offers +3 Combat Skills, Captain’s offers +1 Offensive Auras, Commander’s offers +2 Offensive Auras, Marshal’s offers +3 Offensive Auras, Preserver’s offers +1 Defensive Auras, Warden’s offers +2 Defensive Auras, and Guardian’s offers +3 Defensive Auras.

points to Sorceress Skill Trees
Burning offers +1 Fire Spells, Blazing offers +2 Fire Spells, Volcanic offers +3 Fire Spells, Sparking offers +1 Lightning Spells, Charged offers +2 Lightning Spells, Powered offers +3 Lightning Spells, Chilling offers +1 Cold Spells, Freezing offers +2 Cold Spells, and Glacial offers +3 Cold Spells.

% chance of finding magic item
Felicitous offers 5-10%, and Fortuitous* offers 11-15%.

points to Light Radius
Glimmering offers 1, and Glowing offers 2 Light Radius.
Hit Causes Monsters to Flee (% Chance to Curse with Terror)
Screaming offers Bows: 12%; others: 25%, Howling offers Bows: 18%; others: 50%, and Wailing offers Bows: 25%; others: 100%, for diablo 2 prefixes and suffixes.
Add Sockets
Mechanic’s offers Add 1-2 sockets, Artisan’s offers Add 1-3 sockets, and Jeweler’s offers Add 2-4 sockets.
Add Quantity to Throwing Weapons
Compact offers +20-40, Thin offers +41-80, and Dense offers +81-120.