RuneScape has grown drastically over the years and has kept on inviting new players to visit the platform because of its eye-catching updates that include, quests, events, etc. Similarly, an event known as Zodi-Yak Track has caught the attention of players, but to know more about it, you’ll have to read through this guide. So, let’s begin.

Zodi-Yak Track

One of the most preferred playable events on RuneScape is the Zodi-Yak Track event, which was initially released on 23rd March 2020, and ran until 3rd May 2020. Players participating in this event are tasked to complete various activities and earn rewards. The rewards are divided between Free and Premium, and it’s quite obvious that the Premium track holds heftier rewards, as compared to the Free Track. You can purchase the Premier Pass by using two bonds or purchase to activate Premier Club membership by yourself.

How To Progress?

Whatever track you choose in the Yak Track, you’ll only be able to progress to the next tier by successfully completing the tasks. The tasks will entirely depend upon your level, and the type of account that you’re playing with; F2P (Free to play) or P2P (Pay to play). Being a F2P member of the game, you’ll only get tasks that focus on your available skills, whereas, P2P members will have the option of choosing free or paid skills. Zodi-Yak Track also has a join tasks option available, which displays two skill requirements in a single task, and the actions that you choose according to your preference will take your task further in either of the two displayed skills.

You can also skip the tasks by using a skip token, and at the initial phase, you’ll only have two skip tokens for the Yak Track. You can obviously buy more with the help of bonds and do remember, that you won’t need a higher level than the level displayed on the task. To find out the required items, you can check the information section in the Track List.


As we’ve already discussed that you’ll need to play the event and complete various tasks to progress further. Imagine a scenario where you’re given a tier-2 task on a F2P (Free to play) account, and you have level 99 in Woodcutting. You’re tasked to cut 115 Willow Trees. However, the players who have a woodcutting level of 45 are only tasked to cut the trees.

There are various variations of the given tasks that can also include items to complete them. It’s always important that you research which item would suit your skill level because you’ll have a number of options. However, for instance, there are a lot of cooking items that you can choose from, but it will entirely depend upon your level and the given task. In terms of cooking, it’s important to bring to light that only the items that have successfully been cooked will be counted in progression.

Speaking in terms of fishing, if you’re using a Shark’s Outfit to gain an advantage, it’ll definitely be counted towards your progression. You can also use the Dwarven Fish Extractor, but you won’t be able to use the perks of the furnace to gain an advantage during your task. Before moving ahead, it’s best that you research each skill that will be used, and always make sure that you have the items available beforehand.


The reward table will consist of 50 tier progression rewards that you can earn during your track journey. The rewards can be anything from new items to cosmetics, and a plus point is that you can earn 8% and 6% additional experience in Agility and Herblore, respectively while progressing your tier levels. Being an Ironman, only the cosmetics rewards will be available to you. Another point to be noted is that if you buy a Premier Pass at a later stage, you’ll get each of the previous rewards on the Premier Pass reward table.

At a later stage, as you climb up in tier levels, you’ll start receiving lamps in the form of a reward. For instance, tier 47 will offer a Prismatic Lamp, Medium Prismatic Lamp, and Large Bonus Experience Star. The bonus experience stars will continue throughout until tier 50. If you have a Free Track account, you can get Weaver Teleport, Stargazer Goggle Cosmetic Override, and Bonus Experience, whereas, if you have a Premier Track account, you can get various Cosmetic Overrides like Sheratan Mercenary, Sheratan Shield Override, Cosmic Billy Pet, and Smouldering Lamps at tier level 50.

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