World of Warcraft: How to Make a Fire Mage

Talent Tree: The Talent Tree is what makes each mage special in a certain area. In order to be a fire mage, you will have most, if not all, of your talent points in the fire tree. It is very important to make sure you know what you are doing while inserting these points. Make sure you are aware of what each talent does and that those talents will be useful while you are casting and trying to burn someone alive. If you end up making a mistake and want to adjust your talent points, it will cost gold. This cost can range from a simple 10 gold charge to a hefty penalty of 200 gold. If you want, you can pay 1000 gold to have dual talents that you can simply switch back and forth from. When people do this, they usually have one PVP type talent tree set up and one PVE Talent tree set up.
Now in order to be a fire mage you will need to even out your talents within fire and the other two trees. Follow this easy guide and you will be burning enemies into ash.

Fire Mage Talents:

Fire – The main target is to get the most damage you can out of your fire spells as fast as you can. Using scorch will help you get some fast critical hits and damage on your enemies and if you put points into improved scorch, you will add a critical chance strike on each enemy. Make sure to acquire the spells Pyroblast, Blastwave, Combustion, Dragons Breath, and Living Bomb. These are in your fire talent tree and will improve the amount of damage you can do in a single battle.

Arcane – The best fire mages have anywhere from 10-20 points in their Arcane talent tree. The most important talent to acquire in this tree is the Arcane Concentration. This enables you to have a mana free cast from time to time. If you can get to the Spell Impact talent it will increase the damage done by some of your fire spells as well.

Frost – This talent tree can be very useful to some fire mages. I, however, choose not to use it. Some fire mages use it for the Icy Veins talent. This talent allows you to cast spells faster and doesn’t allow any damage taken to impact the casting time of your spells.

Glyphs: Glyphs are a new part of World of Warcraft. They can be added to give you special aspects that will improve your spells or your overall characters ability. The two major glyphs that the fire mage will need are the Glyph of evocation and the Glyph of Scorch. The Glyph of Evocation will heal your health while regenerating your mana. The Glyph of scorch will stack scorches ability five times per one cast, which makes it very useful in PVP battles.

I used to make my characters talent tree. This talent tree can be found at THIS link.. Feel free to use or adjust as you like.