How to Make Your First $100,000 on Runescape

Even if you already have your starting cash you should read this section! It tells you how to make over 100k per hour easily with no skills required (although a higher woodcutting level may help).
If you are a member you can start making 100k+ per hour right away. All you need is a level one fletching and a knife. Keep the knife in your inventory and go cut normal trees. It took me two minutes to get a full load of trees and less then one minute to make them into arrow shafts. So for me, it takes me three minutes to do each round of logs into arrow shafts. You can do about 100 rounds per hour, which will be 540 logs cut into 8,100 arrow shafts. Shafts currently sell for 10 to 15 coins each (that turns the 8100 arrow shafts into 121.5K!) As you can see, you can easily make 100K plus per hour doing this. Once you get your first 100K and you wish to continue making money through arrow shafts then I suggest you get people to sell you the logs at 10 gp each. A good place to hire log cutters are the free world banks. You can pay them 10 to 25 gp per log and still make a good profit.

Another good way to make money is to buy the logs and sell to members without fletching them for 100 gp each. Note this is nearly impossible for non-member players unless they check and read the member forums often. I suggest you get about ten workers cutting you one hundred logs every ten minutes. That is 1000 normal logs every ten minutes and all you need to spend is 10k – 25k to sell for 100k. That is an 80K or 90K profit for 10 minutes of doing nothing!

If you are a member and you wish to make 180k+ an hour then all you have to do is run nature runes. It takes no skill and it takes about three minutes time per run. That makes twenty loads per hour. Twenty loads of twenty-seven nature runes are equal to 540 nature runes per hour (or 189K). You can check the Runescape forums if you need to find people hiring runners. If you were to sell the nature runes for 400 each it makes 219K an hour. This is twice the price of yews and is done in half the time as a full load of yew logs. That is why yew logs are NOT a good way to make money.

These are all great ways to become a member, plus the usual skill benefits, quests and everything else that Jagex uses to attract you to the member game.

Now, if you are a free player the quickest and most efficient way of making your first 100K is killing chickens (yes, chickens!). Kill the chickens and collect the feathers, it actually makes a great business for low level players to make money. Every chicken you kill will drop 5 to 15 feathers, which can sell for 10 to 15 GP each. So, that is 50 – 255 gold coins for each chicken that you kill. Below is the list of the possible income for each chicke killed

5 feathers = 50 – 75 gold
10 feathers = 100 – 150 gold
15 feathers = 150 – 225 gold

You can easily get 10K feathers in five hours of work. Once you have 10K feathers you can sell them by looking for a buyer in the Runescape member forums. You should get somewhere between 100K to 150K for your 10K feathers. You could also shear sheep until you get 1000 balls of wool (which do sell high if in bulk). Get at least 1000 wool if you choose this route. This takes a long time to do so I recommend that you kill chickens instead. There is also an option to buy the feathers from other players for 1 – 3 GP each. A lot of people will easily sell for that price. Once you reach 10K feathers sell them in the same way I mentioned above.

For the higher-level free players I suggest you mine iron ore until you have 1000 of them. These will sell for 100 gp each and will make you 100k easy. You could also fish and cook lobsters until you have 500 of them and then sell for 200 each (100K). Now that you have your first 100K (or your starting money) then you can start really making a profit.